Selecting a Marble Slab Countertop Will Add Luxury to Your GTA Home

Durable Design

Function and durability should not be the only determining factor when selecting a marble slab that will be transformed into a countertop for your GTA home, but style and beauty as well. Quality manufactured marble slabs are valuable installations to any kitchen or bathroom interior design scheme, adding sophisticated elegance, durable design and added resale value to your home.

A History of Marble

The use of marble in architecture and design goes way back to ancient Egyptian times. Owing to its strength and beauty, marble was the medium of choice for builders of monolithic buildings, columns and monuments. Its nearly indestructible properties allow marble to support enormous amounts of weight and still retain its natural beauty for generations.
Marble is a metaphoric rock that is produced from limestone that has been pressurized and heated, either naturally within the Earth’s crust, or by an engineered process that simulates this pressure and heat. The result is a strikingly gorgeous, extraordinarily resilient and truly unique rock that can be used in a variety of building applications.
Marble is an outstanding choice for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and backsplash tiles. It can really take a beating, what with all of the chopping, dicing and rolling that takes place in a kitchen on a daily basis. It is also appropriate for exterior purposes because, when marble is properly sealed, it has weather resistant qualities that keep it looking as good as new for a very long time.
Not simply for the kitchen, marble is a unique way to transform any blah bar top into a handsome conversation piece that can be enjoyed while shaking martinis and nibbling on pretzels. One does not have to be James Bond to enjoy a little bit of luxury.

Unparalleled Quality and Style

Scratch and heat resistant marble countertops are the premiere choice of interior designers in Canada. Marble’s unparalleled sturdiness and beautiful design aesthetic make it an easy selection, whatever your needs might be. It’s no wonder artists and sculptors have used marble as the base for precious pieces of artwork for generations. Think of the splendour and beauty the world has gained from the great sculptures that can be found in museums across the globe. Now you can sculpt your own bit of history into your kitchen design with a marble, granite or limestone countertop. Marble has a timeless quality that keeps its polished sheen for years and is so sturdy that it easily holds up to daily wear and tear.

Make a Rock Solid Statement

Selecting marble is a choice that only needs to be made once. Marble slabs hold up to years of chopping, slicing, dicing and more, which means the initial investment you make today will equal savings tomorrow. Granite is available in a vast array of styles, colours and designs, so there are endless options at your disposal. To add a valuable and uncompromised marble slab to your home in the GTA is a decision that you will not regret – one that will last a lifetime.